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A Message From Event Organizers

As you may have heard, there was a shooting at Red River Motorcycle Rally on May 28th.  Three people were killed and several were injured in the shooting.  Our prayers go out to the victims and their family.

Fire & Ice has a long standing history of safety first.  Safety was the reason cited for by former Mayor, Marty Hicks, and the city council for discontinuing the rally in 2015, even without incident. Today, safety is still the first priority for the Fire & Ice Bike Rally.

This year is the second year for the revived Fire & Ice Bike Rally, and is in collaboration with the City of Grants and Junkyard on 66 Brewery.  The core of the rally is great music along with traditional rally vendors and events.  We have a music lineup unmatched by another rally, except Sturgis.  In order to assist law enforcement and security staff in keeping a safe and incident free event, the Fire & Ice Bike Rally will be a NO COLOR event.

The new Fire & Ice rally takes pride in bringing some of the best music artists for a low price.  The hotels, restaurants, bars, and breweries are proud to offer lower rates than any other rally.  In doing so we also make no compromises in the safety of our musical talent and our guests.

Thank you for your understanding and see you at Fire & Ice 2023!!

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